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Bagaimana perasaan bila menjadi Kaya?..


Hari kawan seperti biasa nak kongsi satu lagi tip untuk berjaya..Feeling...

Sebelum berjaya dan kaya, mesti feel dulu... Kecualilah main nombor ekor.. yang tu pon nak feel..

Ok mari kita baca rencana yang bertulis bahasa english.. Kalau tak faham, tanya pakcik saudara google.. dia reti terjemah ok...

After the loss of over a million a week in cash during the summer of 2000, I had to sell my apartment. So one day in 2002, all boxes were packed, was the house empty. We had two moving vans waiting for us to move to an hour north of the city. It was like an exile.My self esteem is gone, my house was gone, I had not slept a full night in almost three years, and other things I can not even speak.My ex-wife, daughters of two small children and Lynne, a close family friend who helped us move, threw a last look around. "Oh. My. God," said Lynne. "It really is."
It was a decade and has moved on, good and bad (mostly good).Someone asked yesterday on the quorum question: "What if you're feeling rich?" I thought I was going to answer based on my experience prior to 2000. I'll put another 2000-2010 for both.

(Bill $ 100,000)
Many people began to question the quorum "I was able to this or that, or you can buy" these objectives and to answer that. "" Money was never a question for me, then and now. It was never something I wanted to buy something (other than the next iPad!) I have minimal material possessions. If you know me, you would see clothes that I suck, and the edges of all my pants are frayed. I do not own a suit. I do not have a driver's license, etc. are luxury cars out. I like comic books more than color. I do not like to fly or sail. And I do not drink wine or on-site a lot. What does this mean for me, at the time:
- DNA. I finally felt well enough to pass on my genes than myself and have children. I never wanted to have children before. There is obviously a result of developments that we feel a strong urge to pass on our genes. I've never had before in this way, but somehow felt a large sum of money has has given me permission to try to have children.

- Security. For a brief moment I felt "safe" - as if nothing could hurt me and I could not live forever. In 1999 I visited the president of a company I was a shareholder. I was in Los Angeles and he picked me up at the hotel in its latest Porsche. We were huge in his house and it gave me a ride. As we sat down, he said: ".. I did not even do that I have so much money that now nothing can touch me" I know it sounds corny and unbelievable, but a year later, he came of developing cancer . After fighting cancer for years, he was given the new worse and worse over the outlook to the end he turned and found the corpse of his children. I've heard news exclaimed, as his wife, all in his address book. It is not really a lesson. L money has its advantages, but immortality is not one of them (although, if need be - How To Live Forever) ..
Another example. A friend of mine was run a gaming site and I wanted to sell it, or maybe something with (this was 1999, so why not?) I introduced him to a guy out, that I, on Wall Street. I could not even find an office guy. I had never been to the south that, while Wall Street. My friend and I sat there, while Shlomo (not his real name, but you get the drift) said: "Look at me ten years ago I was a shlub Now I do not have $ 100 million just in America, true,..? "About two years later, Shlomo was the center of a massive FBI sting with a currency brokerage company, he began, it was easy to put investors' money since the 70s. He was in prison. Even my Orthodox friends turn away and refuse to talk to him every time I asked if they knew.
- The scarcity. My feelings of security and immortality, quickly gave way to scarcity. After all, I thought if I could $ 10 million it has to be easy. In fact, I honestly thought everyone had probably already made $ 11 million. I felt again the poor. I need some $ 100 million to be happy. I rode in a car with a friend of mine and his wife. I said: "Everyone now has 10 million." She said quickly, "not everyone".

(A picture I did. But it was cheap, and the images are from a comic)
- Friends. I lost a few friends. Then I made some new friends. When I went down in the elevator of my apartment one last time, 100% of these new friends were destined to never speak to me (at least until January 12, 2011). My new friends said things like, or "fuck him. Remove all his actions" or "Good luck. A good life" or "the right course!" "Mark Cuban is a plot"
- The value of money. I realized (too late, but I learned) that I never knew the value of money. I had been aware of never before money.My previous goals were games, making websites fun, or write novels. Well, that was my only goal money, money, money and more money. I told my therapist at the time, in 2001, "is like losing a loved one," and she said, "my dear, as you've never really lost a loved one sounds right."
Money is a great thing. This is the reward of hard work, good luck (which often won the chance) and you can do amazing things.Create to create new businesses, jobs, buy your independence and freedom from corporate America. But first you have to climb many obstacles to make money is just the first. Very little is better than a lot of money.
But money is a house that in places where it is appreciated. I do not like money. So he left me.
When we were in the car, drive back to our new home in 2002, he was in the middle of a snowstorm. I could have cried, I was so bad about what had happened. But it was too much to think about. So for a brief moment I saw the snow and remembered what it's like a child. Taste The first snow of the year on the tip of my tongue.
In the Internet bubble, I lost $ 15 million cash. Yes, I'm an idiot. You know what happens when you lose that kind of cash? If you go to zero? You lose your libido. You do not want to have sex again. And even Viagra will not help. I have my house. I lost my family. I lost all my friends are fake. I was sick all the time. People laugh when I passed on the street, I was absolutely sure it made me laugh. $ 15 million cash. One million per week in the summer of 2000. I was able to save lives with this every night I would have money.Instead on the floor and try to force my body to die mentally. [See: "What it means to Be Rich feels"]

So now I'm going to save lives. They are shareholders Facebook going to make much money. A friend of mine has used one of the most commonly used features on Facebook that we use every day.It is to be $ 15,000,000. My message is for him, but the rest of you can hear the conversation.

A.) The one-year rule. Do not change your lifestyle at all for at least a year.

No new house or apartment. Do not buy a luxury car. Do not buy expensive work. Do not take a mistress. This does not mean these things are bad. It's just that you will leave the new wealth of your soul marinate a bit.

(I bought this 5000 sqm apartment a month later, I sold my first company. Stupid!)

Be comfortable with it before you try new clothes that could not adapt. When buying toys or expensive houses massively change your perspective and everything you could do a lot crazier than you were when you first climb up the ladder of success were.

Remember: One year.

Two.) No-friends rule. Do not borrow money to old friends. Do not be so quick to make new friends. If you make money, you will approach each new investment, you can make. Or people they want to borrow money.

Do not do it either.

It is very difficult, of course, a friend who deny that says:. "Listen, I just need to borrow $ 100,000 for 90 days" Or: ". I have a great new start-up, such as Twitter, but I'm just looks better to raise $ 500,000 and $ 300,000, I left for you come around." I probably lost hundreds of thousands of loans, they are usually paid back the next day.

Here is what you might say... "I would love to do like it sounds good now everything goes according to my financial adviser in connection and you can talk with him I am by what he says, legally, because of all the things I do not understand gotta go. "

And do not lie. Take your wife or husband or mother or whatever your financial adviser and tell them to say no to everything. But it is necessary if you want to keep your friends. Especially during the first year (see previous rule).

Three. Not invest). What's the rush? You just your money. Put it in a savings account for a year at least. Or under the mattress. None of the shares. No paintings. No private investment. Do not try to start a business again so quickly.

A friend of mine recently $ 3 million in a poker tournament after being broken for many years (his life). He immediately wanted to buy a hotel.

Do not do it.

It was just before the housing crisis and resulting recession all.Thank God, he followed my advice, if you absolutely forced to do an investment to you, then follow the next rule.

4) Rule 2%. If you really feel that Google is going to $ 5,000 per share, and you have to buy shares at $ 500, not more than 2% of your money in it. Then, if everything goes to hell, you have lost only 2% of your money (or more likely, 1%, since Google will probably never get more than 50%).

It is difficult for contractors to come into sudden wealth, because it so that their money by making the most of their assets in an investment (business) bound are used to.

But that's probably the most important rule in the list. After the six rules of course.

Five.) Generally healthy. Believe it or not, your health is seriously threatened today, when you come into sudden wealth. More risk than ever before.

A friend of mine had a very stressful activity in the online gaming space. He spoke about the FBI were to outlaw and stop it going concern. It was broken, and the case was still in a state of lack of money.

Up, up, and stress.

I thought he had a stroke or heart attack, but he was always very healthy. Then he sold his company and made $ 50 million. Three months later he was on a ski slope in Aspen, enjoy the fruits of his labor, when suddenly a massive heart attack and survived only because of immediate medical attention. It was essentially dead for 5 minutes on the operating table.

Your body, in a very adrenaline, move sentence, until the situation is more. But do not think that if stress is that your body will not be forgotten. It does not work.

You need to focus on health after getting sudden wealth.

Here is the bottom line thing. If you are attacked, the body goes into fight or flight mode. Adrenaline pulls up. The same happens when you start a business. The only difference is that they are being attacked every day and you sit motionless on your computer. So, when the adrenaline soothe your body do things very strange. If you stay healthy.

(She had a lot of stress)

6) Try not to burn out. You have worked hard to get here. They have worked 120 hours a week. You just "Mad Men." Your girlfriend cheated on you. Your parents have your birthday 50 years. I see.Congratulations.

But do not burn for now. You need to show responsibility and be around people that make all the right choice in trusting you, hire you, you pay, you inspire, you feed them. You have to prove hardly a chance in life that you do that stuff and it is one of them.

And what to do when you lose everything? Do not worry. Make the following number:

7) The daily practice

If you implode and lose it all happened, here's the technique I used to get on the floor and get motivated again, and new businesses to and from failure to success (and I had to repeat a few times).Basically, I consider the body as four interconnected bodies: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They are all connected. It's like a way to get your heart is blocked then the blood and oxygen can not flow properly through your body and you get sick.

It's the same here, if everything goes right then you will not get sick, you lose all your money, and die. But if you are the boxes of what I have to check is the daily practice, your life will be very different in six months, regardless of how you fell apart before. Believe me, my life changed completely ever again six months.

Note: There is no such thing as luck. This can apply both to businesses and people say, you were lucky, but the truth is that you will be ..: In the world plays chess, and there is a saying "Only the good players get lucky." able to do it again and again, no matter how you fall.

Trust in him and follow these rules and the sudden wealth will become the permanent wealth.

ok, kredit to yakboktakelih....

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Camana aku jadi kaya


Seperti biasa, kawan masih maleh lagi nak tulis bahan sendiri untuk blog ini.. sekarang ini sibuk dengan aktiviti lain ..

so, copy dan paste ler...

This article was written in 2006, hope it is still relevant today.

Amacam my photo, hensem not? Some may say I am cute and some people say I am cute, I'm familiar ntahlah for je and my brothers told me the numbers you hear, maybe that is the case. But somehow the numbers you hear I am still me and still loved by many people, thank God, if you do not believe it'll have to ask my sisters-in-law and my girl-friends. Time started writing citations nie, in my head hovering concept that I wish to write, if I calculated the material, I want all kinds of stationery, but the concept of what I brought, what message I delivered. I curse the nation state itself canal coat, I feel la pulak challenging, busy derogatory and curse it. Right other than condemn me also provide a way out not only lip service but there is a solution for those who want to try to find it.

After a week in India, this time I went to Hyderabad, This is my first time to Hyderabad, but not the first time to India, only in less than a year India developed rapidly, both physically growing, the people remain the same, ye la state India could be the Chinese pulak right. Abundant wealth in India, whether all people feel that wealth is the second point, a meterial India began to grow, In Bombay for example, has the same property with the New york expensive, so The expensive to live in Bombay or Mumbai, better known as "The Bolllywood".

God willing I will go to Taiwan a few weeks, wrong, wrong I celebrate Eid Gift in Khaoshiong constituency in Taiwan or even above the clouds with a cute-cute peramugari, that's life "avid traveler" like me. Commemorating the five years have passed, it felt like a dream la pulak, once busy prayed that it can turn in circles to see the world, when God memakbulkannya, ambik you get in a year only 3 months time for sleep on mattresses own je, the rest sleep on hotel mattresses. Hotel has become my second home and up and down like a plane I get on the bus. Judging by "frequent flyer miles" I already can go free Hawaii twice. Alhamdulillah I am grateful for gifts, maybe I was not grateful enough, it is my debt to that one too much.

Times like nie remember Kecik first time, the small child I can say, especially to my mother. You know the youngest of four siblings who were all men and there are differences in the age of 10 years of distance between me and my brother BOB to three.So, my brothers baby with it a bit difficult, just be spoiled by his late mother. As the environment when I was growing up and always surrounded by adults, I grew up as an adult very quickly, in other words I skip adolescence, from children to become adults.

When we were young, I always be battered by late father, after all ex-military retirees, which is ampum have, if he wanted to sesah, he sesah takda tu je and time again the term "child abuse" is better known as "teaching children". Then only until the age of 12 years only, then I can balance freedom horreeyyyy, ram it I do anything, I live to die to the pedulik Posted takda. Praise and thank God because I was raised with and taught how brutal of late father, without it, I state "tough" as it is now. Courage to face all the obstacles and barriers. "There are brave?" I always recited the words of adult through to today. If my time studying at a vocational school first step, now known as the Technical School Setapak, my motto is "one by one, two by two, hands of stone hand play playing rock", was normal pastime, much if not wrestle. But who would dare, for the love all the teachers at school, we all know the best student school.

From the beginning I softskill people really stand out, so the salesman must feel that I long to be a millionaire, although now I becoming a millionaire, not trying to praise myself, but my PR people are terrible, I la public about the arrest Hot melt, especially if met face to face, the face is it not hensem, that I admit, but the verse, "perhhhh power beb". Pass on my girlfriend now when I ask, do not give permission if I want marriage or two, continue to agree, thank God a happy life, be it sporting giler girlfriend.

I grew up in a happy family, with parents who care, even though I'm a brutal father, but I know he loves us all. My family is one that is due to a poor family of squatters occupying pengkampungan in Petaling Jaya, now have become the City .. I and my brothers have to pedal if you want kesekolah kilometers, punyalah punishment. Difficult but we are happy because even though I never hungry, although not wealthy. Sufficient enough to eat and wear.

My character is greatly influenced by my father, stern, the same time soft, like My late father with mother, father, even when the wind is always a loss, but we are brothers and sisters can also view My late father and mother banter among themselves. What I remember, I never beat Mother, never even been to Mother's hand up. When our angry father, the mother will rest and do not care. When Mother's father will be angry with us still. So they take turns to supervise and teach and educate us. My late father once advised, "If you want to teach children, do not let your wife to meddle, and you do not meddle with your wife if she is mangajar child". My late father purposes, do not favor one child when the parents are angry with her. Later when she or he will become spoiled and soft (political more later).

My late mother a full-time homemaker, My late father was a security guard, they were raising four sons. It has been the official who nogori, all income of the husband will be handed over to the wife outright to be managed, such as brother-brother now and inshallah I will also, just a difference, I will make sure my wife will have enough knowledge in planning and managing our financial future. We place our mother siblings learn about financial planning early on.

Financial Planning 101

Even though we are poor, My late father and mother had nasi lemak business and cakes to cater for our family, but still both of them remain with us when we need them. In other words, they are not out of the house before dawn and returning home after Isha prayers.They make sure they have time with our siblings. The mother is at home to manage us and I'll return by 5 pm. Their busy time is when we are sleep, they wake up as early as 3 am to prepare nasi lemak and cakes for sale digerai stalls around our homes.Notwithstanding any of them busy, they will be at home when we were at home. If it was not the mother, sure I'll be with us.

When are these, many parents who work in the office, out of the house as early as 6 am or earlier and return after dusk, no quality time can be spent with family and children, love is replaced with money. While growing up Mother often reminds us "no matter rich or how much money you already, you can not substitute for lost time." That's the parents today, you can not substitute for lost time when you are together with your family. Remember, family is more important than everything. Without them you siapalah.

Nowadays, when the children return from school, no one who welcomed them home, only the maid, is that if good fortune is the maid, not like ours in which Mother always waiting for our return from school. I still remember and miss My late mother even though this is our 4th Ramadan without My late mother.

"Save some money I deee" My late mother's words always remember me. The core of the Financial Plan is to save, if you fail to save, you will fail in your efforts to have a strong financial. Mothers are often advised, "Keep it a bit, if there are newer shopping" not vice versa. Semiskin us, they are still able to send us perfectly. I remember, at one point I really need a bike kesekolah, almost every day I persuaded my father to buy me a bicycle, "How much?" The father said, "one hundred fifty je Dad", "how much money you have savings? "he asked, I say" in fifty is it Dad ", he said," so easily, save more RM100, can it buy you a bicycle I will ". Mr. Mak have to this day still teach their children like this?

There is no easy way of Dad, if you want power and if not a thousand thousand reasons to be given. Life is easy, just people who like to trouble himself. As principles that are cultivated by My late father to us, if not for the way takda, do not take things upon themselves to pretend life is difficult. Before we separate siblings sleep with mom and dad growing up, kids today, I masuh 4 years of age was masuh suck milk bottle and still asleep in the arms of the principal. I admit that I have it on the mattress until I was 10 years old, but I do it on my own mattress mattress instead of my parents. Differences between rich and poor is "the poor try to show things that they do not, while the rich try to hide those things you". Think-think.

Before, I had to climb the guava tree, trunk pieces, sell nasi lemak and curry puffs at school just because I find the money pocket for mom and dad can not afford, much less kids now want to sell nasi lemak, wrong, wrong tree jampu not even know . I once read a book, sorry forgot the title. Says the author, if you want to provide a sum of RM1 million to the child when the child is aged 50 years and is very easy. What is required only save RM1 per day from the day the child is born until the child is aged 50 years, the rate of return of 4% per annum. If 50 years is too long, keep RM2 a day at the same rate of return, 25 years will be successful menyumpul RM1 million. Think-think of.

Manage life

This item is not taught in school, so the first thing you should do is to discover how I manage life science. This is important because if you do not know to manage your life so no need to read the next script. Seseoarng individuals should have the basis to manage kehidupanya among others such as: -

Have goals in life
Have a plan in life
Know the value and function to be a man
Know the difference between important and not in the life
Know the measure of success without having to compare themselves with others
Know the level of personal satisfaction
Know the care and control over
Know the difference between needs and wants hehidupan
Know the self-esteem
Know the difference between good and bad

and many other things should be known as a man who lived on earth. Another thing important in life is to know to manage yourself which strengths, weaknesses and emotional level. These are among the important factors that should be taken into account in us manage our finances. Sometimes we need external support during our financial management, especially when berhadadapan with emotional stress. Then seek the knowledge to know yourself and God willing you will succeed in anything you want to do.

Money at any

"Money-money where you money, some are called dollars, some have called the call rupiah and ringgit .. "That is between the temples of song popularized by M.Nasir and as my article in the series" Let's Talk About Money "I briefly discussed the role and functions of money. This time I would like to discuss the attitudes of people towards money or money. People when the money usually have been able to forget themselves and only a few people who know the true value of money in terms of managing money well secured.

Too many of us forget to chase the money up to our responsibility as vicegerent on earth.However, we need money to live not live for money (money to live not live for money).Money is simply a tool to survive, needs almost the same with air and without money, we are not able to get food to live. Money is important to the continuity of life more comfortable. There are some facts about the money we need to know that among these are: -

Money is only an illusion that has a value
Money is not emotional, not emotional with money
Money can be exchanged in a variety of values ​​and set values
Value for money can be lost due to the economy and inflation factors
Money can change hands or possession dipndah
Money can be loaned
Money can not generate or replace the time but the time can be used to make money.
Money can buy and can be purchased
Money can be used to make more money

Use of money is not limited only to the business of trading, the money can also be used as a charge or a replacement for a service, money can also be used as collateral or colleteral to raise money that can be used to generate more money.

Community myths about money.

The first myths you've heard is difficult ducari money, money is not hard to find, as I have the words in the previous article, selling scrap metal can be money, selling pink water side of the road shall be new money or even mamak my keja can get money, do no more for the grounds that it is difficult to make money. Actually difficult not to get the money, the difficulty can not wait abstinent is the reason behind the difficulty in obtaining real money.
The difficulty of maintaining the existing money is second superstition of society, especially the Malays, we are used to hear "I do not know where I go la money, never enough, it can pay abyssal pay debts, if not even money abyssal debt, let us also" . This is a common complaint we hear. First we have to check, I remind myself, we already pay zakat or not? non-Muslim I have to pay income tax to, Mine? It is important for the purpose of cleaning the property or money that we have. If not pay zakat, zakat paid quickly, fear of death we will not have time to pay our debt to God. If you do not pay the debt or debt credit card Along nevermind, do not pay the debt god.

Second we want to have to check out, including myself, we are grateful or not the provision of God for this gift? So, if I never pray, prayer la pie, if you do not have the money my mother father, started it for my fathom, if you do not have a charity that, pie la alms penny or two. Thankfulness is important, because it will remind us that we are small and dwarf nie in the eyes of God and if we think hard, there are others who are more 10,000 times more difficult than we, at least we do not kebulur or eat snails.

Third, if I finished the above two new things we look at our attitudes or behavior about money, we should know the difference between needs and wants: -

When I tell the difference between needs and wants, then the next thing to do is process variation in attitude. This is the most serious process because we have a safe zone or out of our comfort zone "confort zone" that we are probably already accustomed to many, after all want to change our lifestyle or "lifestyle" may be hard, but if successful you will be able to manage money better. Have you ever wondered or thought of childhood or adolescent you? Is time of the time you need what you feel need today? Still need an example? (Examples given are based on my experience in childhood and adolescence I, about 15 years ago)

Have you ever wondered about the status when you were a child or adolescent? I think it's not. So why do you have to take care of your status now? Is as an executive must have a car? Or to go up the motor, or have credit cards, eat direstoran, etc.? I own the assets worth millions of dollars have no car (taxi and LRT only). There are brave?
Have you ever wondered about the facility during your child or teenager? If the teenager is able to walk anywhere, why not now? If the adolescent is quite fit (energetic and healthy), why not now? It used to be able to bike, why not now? Still have a variety of reasons?
Have you ever thought about the taste in childhood or adolescence? What our fathers mother put food, that is what we eat is not it? Why now I know how to eat soup tail?Cheeze cake? Coffee bean? Tom yam and other? Just because modern claims? or rather, merely lust?
Have you ever wondered about the style during childhood or adolescence? Whatever the mother clothes and our fathers bought for that is what we wear, why now I know about branding or brand? I know what Levy, jeans, tops, skirts, etc.?

Why now we can not live like before? Especially when now we have the power to choose, own income and I know how to live independently supposedly own. Why we can not practice the values ​​taught by our father mother first? Do we have lost with the demands of our desires? Are we now more than a child from an adult?

Kepercyaan third superstition is that we need more more money than the money we need. As we know, without money we can still function as a human, but without people money is not useful, so who needs whom more? Without people there is no trade, so there is no profit. But money is only a tool to exploit us for our interests as human beings.Do not be afraid of money or see money as a complicated and complex.

So back to the basic necessities of life. Determine what you need and what is not, change and face the change with the patient.

Manage money

Do you begin to feel more confident to manage your money more wisely and effectively?Humans have a variety of styles and patterns of life. For me, the important thing is basic or fundamental, I developed a mindset towards it. My attitude is selfish and keep in mind (selfish but thoughfull). Other people thought patterns so it is up to you. There are various techniques and methods to manage money.

Must have objectives or goals of management (you manage your money for what not to whom)
Use the money when necessary (for the necessities of life only)
make sure there is no cost to manage (if the money we are certain Institutionalised, make sure no operating costs. Free and good. "The best thing in life is a free thing"
Be selfish, precede you, because no other person who will advance you from them.
Know to manage cash flow (cashflow management), know where and where your money spent.
Do not owe if you do not know how to pay the debt (the money from which I used)
Do not borrow money if do not know how I pay the loan
store. Save, save, save, save, save as much money as possible (the highest percentage that can be taken from income, save your money as possible)
keep your money in a place easily managed, avoid too many bank accounts or safe (unless you already have a lot of money and have enough capital used for the distribution of assets or asset allocation.
do not use the savings to expenses (the money used as capital reserve is not to be expended)
make sure the place you saved money with a guarantee (in Malaysia only two institutions that guaranteed the government, the national savings bank and the National Capital Berhad, mugkin no other place that I do not know)
Avoid commits an offense if do not want to be sued (if you do not want to make money out of the offense)
Avoid wastage
money should be liquid or liquidity.

Every individual has the money management style is different, some are aggressive and some are conservative, it depends on the character of the person. I am an aggressive and sometimes do crazy things when facing dangan money, I have many times cheated because my attitude is aggressive and sometimes impatient and greedy. I also have a lot of mistakes at one time when too excited to invest. Even though I was being aggressive, but now I have focused my energy full simpanana (savings), currently more than 70% of my income on savings and the rest focused on reducing debt and living expenses. "Cash is king" is my motto.

In the article "Let's talk about money" I said that you can make money or find money anywhere, recently a contact I find and collect all the money he is everywhere, he closed all accounts of his children, accounts of his wife and all accounts, including funds pilgrimage unproductive, and he managed to collect more than RM10, 000 from the money which is called NPA (none performing assets) are scattered and all over the place, the money is then inserted into the ASB account of his wife, with an average rate of around 7 -8% per year, or at least he will receive RM700 to RM800 a year free money (free money), most less "free money" can be used for education of her children.

My friend was 40 and a net income of RM1, 600 per month, with 6 small children and school, has a wife who is a full-time housewife, just have a mortgage debt of RM350 per month and others have been settled include car debt and others. How he managed to live without the financial burden of calm and able to send her children? This is because he has the following behavior.

wear clothes follow the body's own
low self-esteem
hear, especially good advice
good thoughts and kind
and other commendable attitude.

Now that the debt restructuring and raising all the money he was once littered with discarded, he now has the potential to buy a new home, collect assets (house rent, etc.), more cash and have more ability to finance his children's education, so who says we can not achieve "Financial Freedoom" under any circumstances and ages?.

Back to our attitude towards money, especially the Malays are divided into two groups.

The first group is single people or young people.

For those who are single or young (under 30), this is the best time to raise money or capital, as there is less responsibility and can still work hard for your career. Who are single do not need: -

Phone (except for your career needs and the company will pay your mobile bill)
not need to eat food that is expensive and does not need to eat often or eat nearby mamak stalls are expensive
does not require expensive or branded clothing
not need their own transport (except for your career and your company need to pay your transportation costs)
requires no external entertainment (Posted tv, movies, etc.) because you are busy working
does not require credit card (except for your career and your company need to pay your expenses)
no girlfriend or boyfriend
not need to waste or spend
do not have to owe
not need to smoke, etc.

The question is to the single patient resistant to not do the above? Some even asked me, how long I hold the patient, I say life, many are not sangup, but I'm willing and thankfully I saw the, the result I now have several rental houses, cash and assets of millions of dollars, "I 'm not just talk the talk but also walk the walk ". As an example of how selfish or berjimatnya me, I only have a few pieces of black jeans (RM70 each) and just purchased a new or replaced every 2 years (2 pieces every two years). That's how I shop, I know who I am and I was an aggressive and extreme in your finances is how? The question is not willing or not to become a millionaire, everyone wants to be millionaire, the question is willing or not to become a millionaire, more than 95% are not willing to become a millionaire, the statistics.

The second group was the bekerluarga or partial age

For those who bekerluarga challenge is more formidable, because you need to change and learn to: -

admit that you do not know to manage your money (first step)
changes in lifestyles (not smoking, fun, etc.)
learn to say NO to your family (most difficult)
not succumb to the requirements of the husband / wife
not succumb to the requirements of the children (no games, no allowances, basically nothing)
deaf ear to calumny relatives
not challenged with friends what they own (especially debt)
be selfish
do not forget yourself and remember the family home
do not waste (TV, Astro, DVD, etc. is a waste)
bold face ask the help of financial management (see financial planner)

same question arises, can to our people (especially the Malay bekeluarga) to do the above and change. For most people were very difficult I can say, my brothers can and Alhamdulillah they have become semi-millionaires and some want to become a millionaire in the process of silent inshallah. If seen from the example that I, my easy formula rich or become a millionaire is to change attitudes and patience (need to have a millionaire mind to become a millionaire, all starts with the mind). I think the easiest formula but hard to be implemented, because the average person we (Malays), wilted flowers temporary and less patient. Sorry I am not a Malay (ashamed to admit and associate with people who are considered weak), I was a child but not a Malay minang Mine.

Some also asked about how I add value to my money, investing what I do and so forth.For me it all just tools or tools, a good unit trust, OD, shares, land banking, properties, rental, lease, cancel certificate wef, any form of investment or asset allocation, all does not matter if we change our attitude. Like I said before, if not difficult to find the money, you work inshallah is a living, selling scrap metal can be money. But the difficulty is to manage the money you can. Many of us lose with our requirements and there are still many who are confused between needs and wants of life.

Some even asked me, if there is money not spent much do what, when again I feel the pleasures of life. True, a lot of money if I, you can do what you like when I have a lot of money (when achieving the objectives of financial management), if I have the money you are entitled to carry out your financial objectives. The problem you do not have money, so, how do you spend? Right? Then find and kumpullah your money first.

kredit to yakboktamkelih ...